◼  What is 30-Day worry-free Money Back Guarantee?

All along, ALSGEM team believes in the principle of "Happy Customer First", which helps us continue to grow. Therefore, we will do our best to make you happy with our products and services.
Regardless any reason or excuse, we will provide a 30-day money-back guarantee for each product.
If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the product purchased from us or just do not meet your expectations, you just need to notify us within 30 days from the date of purchase, and return the item, we will process a full refund just excluding Paypal or bank fees.

◼  What should you do if you really want to return or exchange?

You just need to initiate a return/exchange request to our support team via, our Customer Support team will reach you to guide you with your item return or exchange. It is very simple and fast without asking for any reason.

◼  Are there any charges for return?

We don't charge anything for return or exchange, and the client just need to be responsible for the return shipping cost.

◼  When can you get your money back?

After the package arrives to our facilities, you will receive a confirmation email, informing you that the amount will be refunded to your account in around 1-3 business days.

All returns will be processed within 1-3 business days. Please contact us at if you your return isn't processed after 3 business days.

◼  In which cases won’t we accept return or exchange?
  • The time window in which you can demand an exchange or a return is of 30 days after the order is delivered.
  • We won’t carry out the return as requested if the client doesn’t prepay the shipping cost of return.
  • We won’t carry out the return as requested if the items are received in poor conditions.

In any case, the products that will be exchanged or returned must be in pristine conditions and show no evident signs of being used, or else no exchange or return will be carried out. It is your responsibility to provide adequate packaging to make sure that the items arrive to the address we provide in perfect conditions. If you have trouble finding a suitable packaging, we suggest using the original box that your order came in. If the items are received in poor conditions, we won’t be able to carry out the return as requested.

The time window in which you can exchange or return an item lasts 30 days, starting from the day the order is delivered.

◼  Where should you send the items back to?
  • Delivery address: No. 126, Lane 2788, Road Zhaochong, District Qingpu, Shanghai, China
  • Receiver: Alsgem Studio
  • Phone number: +86-18019425741